Nitro Nation Racing Customer Reviews:


Just getting started but loving it!


Hasta LA vasta

Don't waste your time

This game is fun but it's f****** b******* I keep winning online but it says I lost and that's b******* cuz I win Buy a mile so don't wasting your time downloading this damn game


The can't even spell half the words in the game are incorrect. Plus they call a TURBO a friggin supercharger it's obviously a turbo this is for a ten year old or younger can't even tap the gas pedal UNINSTALL THIS CRAP

Cool game

Really cool game see it alit in youtube by slaptrain and AR12 gaming

It's a class game well worth Downloading :)


But can make a nitro nation offline game that is my only wish


I think the best game ever I've ever played is nitrone nation

It ok

This game i like it but it just not the best so ya

Best racing game ever

Best drag glame best experience best cars best car sound love it

My game

Game was fully nice I love this game one more game to realized please

Love this


I love this game


This is a wonderful game to play let enjoy the game

I love the game

Super graphics well designed


It's very enjoyful.....


Awesome game


crappy results kindly uninstal it and download Csr 2, the best drag racing game ever.


Recently downloaded this game after a long time. The game opens shows CM and then it shows a black screen and nothing happens. No problem with phone I can swipe from up for notification window but game goes blank. Can you please tell me what's the matter.



Good yer

, this is my favorite part of my life

තද තද but පදිරි

Very nice

Excellent game


I like how the game has cars that exist in real life and have the brand name


Well,,, let's get into the point. Wth in multi-player, I'm still losing when I already finish the race first... What's up with that? 🤔😑

Love it it is nice

Good game

Impressive and more funny when using gestures haha.

I played this game for a while around a year, and then they updated it and, poof, all my data has gone, apparently none of my emails are correct to reset the password, and im not sure of an account name. Probably just get a randomly generated message saying to 'contact us' wish i never did the update cause now my account is lost.

Loved it


So sick of online races. Every single time I when it tells me I lost. Fix this. My connection is stupendous.

I got hacked

I was racing then after the race was over I couldn't get back on


Good game

Good game for gamers

I love this game. All gamers should try out this game

Working fine

Es Un Excelente Juego Si Estabas Como Yo, Busque Y Busque Juegos Para Pasar el Tienpo, Creeme Este es El Mejor. Te Lo Recomiendo

Great game

Nitro Nation

Awesome game!


Unspeakable game please make more like it I am a big fan of dodge cars and trucks so this game Is right for me keep up the good work😎👍👍👍👍